Your path to behavioral change, chronic disease reversal, and healthy aging is at hand. Return to Health
A Message from Dr. Mark Kalina

Your return to health begins with a one-to-two hour personal consultation. You can schedule your appointment at my office in Del Mar, or I can come to your home, if you prefer. During that initial consultation, we will discuss what ails you–the physical, medical, and emotional challenges you face–and we will slowly, but surely, develop a plan–complete with “homework”–that will get you on the transformational path to healing.

Most importantly, you will perhaps for the first time take possession of a set of tools which will put you in control of the healing power you hold within yourself. Once you have come to this realization and begun to put those tools into practice, follow-up consultations will help provide you with increased insights and accelerate your return to health.

Hope, even for those who feel they have exhausted all avenues. Are you seeking truly personalized healthcare instead of quick “off-the-shelf” solutions that cure the symptom, but not the disease? The time for you to return to health— and master your life—is now.

Return to Health–Now

  • A Truly Customized Progam
  • One-on-One Consultation
  • Medical Coordination and Supervision
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Connection Techniques

A healing process of transformation that allows you to take control of your life fully, not just physically, but emotionally, as well. It provides you with the tools you need to feel and become empowered, to master what ails you when nothing else you have tried has worked. You are never rushed. You are given complete personal attention. You have a very real partner—a medical professional—whom you can call upon at any time to provide you with the direction and support you need to return to health.

Master your life and return to health now. Call today at 858-775-8148.